Episode 16

Published on:

27th Dec, 2021

Episode 15

Published on:

24th Dec, 2021

Episode 14

Published on:

20th Dec, 2021

Episode 13

Published on:

17th Dec, 2021

Episode 12

Published on:

13th Dec, 2021

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The Connected Podcast
Connecting the Bible to your life as a teen today
Welcome to the Connected Podcast! This is Darrell, Lydia, Hannah and Simon. We’re four friends from the UK and beyond discussing how the Bible connects to life as a teen today. Stick around for hilarious banter, Bible talk, topics you want to hear about, people you can relate to and plenty of random shenanigans. But really, we want you to be equipped with biblical truth and boldness to go out in the world and be grounded in your faith.